AI Top Twelve Results

Okay, I know I’m not going to like the American Idol results show this week. I like seven of the eight girls (I don’t care for Kinnik, and I just saw before I backed my DVR up to the beginning that she’s off, as I knew she would be). And I like five or six of the guys, but I’m by no means sure that the ones I like will be the ones that stay. I think the other girl off will be either Kellie or Melissa. Kellie was an early favorite of mine, and I still like her, but I don’t think she’s got the voice to keep up with the top three or four. Melissa has been growing on me every week, so now I’d be sorry to see her go as well. And I was fairly sure Ayla was going to make it into the top twelve, but this week’s song was really weak, so I don’t know anymore. I agree with Simon on her…I like her somewhat, and last week she was very good, but she’s almost too perfect. If that makes sense. There’s no thrill.

On the guys side, I *heart* Kevin Covais. Especially when he does Josh Groban songs. Chills. Up. And. Down. My. Spine. But my coworker hates him, so if there are many in America like her, I fear for my Kevin. If I were voting off, I’d probably vote off Bucky and…geez. Either Ace or Gedeon. I like Gedeon’s singing, but his video clips where he’s talking are annoying me to death. Overenunciate much? And I liked Ace at first, but the last two weeks have just been…meh. And he’s kinda smarmy. As in, there’s part of me that says, yes, he’s hot in a way, especially his eyes, but there’s a much larger part of me that wouldn’t let him touch me, ever.

Now. Back to the beginning of the show. I love DVR.