Reasons Today Rocked

Reasons today rocked:

  • Hot wings at Culpeppers
  • As a related item, eating lunch outside for the first time this year
  • Walking in Forest Park, in an area I don’t usually go to (I’m a Grand Basin junkie, but I thought I’d check out some of the other park areas)
  • Getting an article I’m writing for a webzine about half-finished (major breakthrough, as I’ve been procrastinating through research for a week and a half)
  • Being highly amused by a couple trying to unload a very heavy motorcycle off the back of their pickup–their “ramp” (aka a two-by-four) kept falling off
  • Belle and Sebastian CD on the way home
  • The rain not starting until after I got home, and after dark
  • Catching up on 24, House, and How I Met Your Mother
  • Finding a book that I think will finally help me understand PHP and MySQL…maybe
  • Finding an FTP extension for Firefox that seems to work better than the Dreamweaver one, which has been crashing DW constantly lately
  • Beating a boss level on XIII that’s kept me stuck for a few weeks (I won’t let myself buy any more games until I finish this one–my “stuck in the middle of” stack is getting astronomical)

So, yeah. Successful day. Tomorrow: church, sheperding groups fellowship, delving past installing PHP into actually using it, and possibly the last four eps of Arrested Development, which I’ve been saving, but really, it may be time to let go.