I have other posts in various stages of writing and thinking, but this one deserves its own:


No assistantship or funding, but I’m crossing that bridge when I get to it. Right now, after two previous years of applying to grad school and not getting accepted, I’m just ecstatic that I actually got in somewhere, and not just somewhere, but my top choice.

Now, do I take it immediately, or do I wait and see if I get funding from the other schools? Or do I want to go to Baylor enough more (which I sort of do) that I’d rather work my butt off to go there than to go to the other places? What’s the protocol here? I don’t have the official acceptance from the school yet, just the e-mail acceptance from the program director, so I guess I could wait until I get that, but I feel like I ought to acknowledge his e-mail in some way… I’m so green at all of this!

Green, but excited.