There’s a somebody I’m longing to see…

American Idol was made for me tonight. I love the classics, yes I do. And this group seems amazingly adept at them. Even Chris did a fine job with “What a Wonderful World” (one of my favorite songs)…I was concerned about his being able to find a song that fit him.

But I am having so much love for Katharine right now. She’s been my favorite mostly from the beginning (with Lisa, Paris, and Chris being close behind…Elliott has crept up to be my second favorite now), and she continues to wow me even when I’m expecting her to be awesome. I want to buy her CD now. Seriously. I’ll be driving in the car and think “I want to listen to some Katharine McPhee.”

Not much else going on. My parents and I are going down to Waco Thursday through Sunday to check out apartments, meet with professors, etc. I’m really looking forward to not working for a couple of days. Working is overrated. Okay, maybe it’s not. But still. Banks have a good many holidays, which spoil you for March and April, which don’t have ANY.