CW? It’s a done deal.

Veronica Mars renewed for a third season. (The announcement is below the Grey’s Anatomy interview.)


I was fairly confident it would be, but it’s nice to have confirmation. Sorry to any Everwood fans out there…I didn’t watch it, but I know a lot of people really loved it. Okay, now back to VM. If I weren’t at work, I’d be jumping up and down right now.

So. UPN is rerunning Season 2 over the summer, starting TONIGHT at 9/8 central (my bad, I was reading posts from yesterday and didn’t connect the timing). I personally don’t like starting shows in the middle, but it can be done, especially if you’re not obsessive like me. ;) Go ahead and give it a try tonight, if you want. The S1 DVDs are available, as well, if you’d rather start at the beginning. I hear Target has them on sale for $22.99 (which is about 60% off normal price, and about 40% of’s current price), but I haven’t been able to locate a set yet. I believe the library system has them as well. And if you’re in St. Louis, I have a set of DVDs burned off TV that I can lend you (of season 1, not season 2). And S2 comes out on DVD in August, which is still a month or so before S3 will start. So there are options both for obsessives and start-in-the-middlers.

If you choose to watch the S2 reruns over the summer and want to get an overview of S1, my friend Cindy has written up a brief synopsis of the season here. Be aware, she does completely spoil the mystery in S1, but she leaves a lot of spoiler space before she does, in case you decide while reading the synopsis that you really don’t want to know. (Of course, if you watch Season 2, you’ll find out anyway.)

Note that I was mistaken about the timing of the rerun…it’s not tonight (Wednesday), it was last night. So you can start watching next week with episode two, but do note that 2×02 was one of the worst episodes of the entire series, so if you do start with that one, DO NOT JUDGE the show by it! Please! (On the other hand, if you watch it and like it, just think how awesome the rest of the show is!)

Now, if I can just keep Katharine McPhee on American Idol after tonight, this will be a completely and unbeatably great day. Yes indeed.