The self-avowed biggest McDonald’s in the world, which spans the Oklahoma Turnpike (aka I-44). Saltiest fries I’ve ever tasted, but that’s a good thing. ;)


This was my view. For 800 miles. Scenery never changes unless you’re the lead dog, right? Mom was worse off, though…I’m not sure she ever saw anything but “BUDGET”.


It’s less messy than that now. But that’s what it looked like for much of Wednesday and Thursday.


I have stairs! I love stairs. That’s mostly why I chose this apartment.


And the bedroom. The door there goes out to the balcony. The balcony looks out over a good-sized street, but hey. The courtyard-side ones would’ve been way harder to move stuff into. Yeah. Behind me is a walk-in closet and the full bath (there’s also a half-bath downstairs). The closet is one of…count ’em…five closets. I’ll have to go buy more clothes just to use them all. Except I probably won’t.