But not much. Mostly, there’s this one:

Dinner! Again

This is perhaps only exciting to me, but I love Chinese food, and I’ve always been too afraid to make it. And of course, I’m still too afraid to actually start from scratch, but I found a frozen General Tso’s Chicken meal at the local grocery store. I got with some trepidation, because I’ve tried frozen Chinese meals before, and they have sucked. But this one is actually really good! And I did the rice myself. Aside from some unfortunate close calls at boiling over, it went well. (I am so impatient, I can hardly stand to actually stay in the kitchen while things are cooking, and rice apparently boils over in the time it takes me to get from the stove to the computer and back again.) In related news, the people who take pictures of food for menus and ads? Have my admiration, because I took about ten pictures before I got one that looked half as good as it looks in real life.

And here’s a couple of others I took a while ago.


If you haven’t seen Baylor, it’s beautiful. I only have this one shot of it, for some reason. I should go take more. It’s even more beautiful when you compare it with the rest of Waco, which is…less beautiful. This is the oldest section of campus–the building on the right is the home of the English department.


And this is my new favorite highway interchange, between I-35E and I-635 at the north edge of Dallas. You can’t see it too well from here (it’s hard to take picture while driving, okay?), but there are so many sets of bridges. All the bridge columns are engraved with that design, with the Texas lone star on it. It’s pretty impressive.