New look

My paper due tomorrow is done, the one due Tuesday is only lacking two pages (out of 22, so percentage-wise…) and what I’ve got is looking good, so I took some me time to play with my layout. I’m having trouble keeping both sides of my brain working–when I worked at the bank, the creative/imaginative side got no play (hence the scurrying back to grad school in English), but now that I’m spending 3/4 of my waking moments reading and writing about literature, the analytical side is feeling left out. Coding layouts helps that. (Oh, and dude, I worked on The Frame some, finding a way to incorporate inline media players and such, and I can now totally code html tables in my sleep. I always relied on DreamWeaver’s WYSIWYG interface for that before, but no more! So much more control now.)

Anyway. I’ve been eyeing this layout for a long time–it’s really clean and bright, but it took me a while to sit down and figure out how to smash everything that I had in a three-column layout down into a two column. I did try at first to make this one into a three-column one, and though I was moving in the right direction, my PHP/CSS skillz aren’t quite up to that yet. Now I just have to make a custom banner for the top…I sort of like the default one, but it’s not mine, you know? But that’ll have to wait until the next time I need a procrastination project. You know, nobody’s going to ever believe that I actually do study, because all I ever post about is taking breaks from studying…ooh, did I mention that I was playing Midnight Club 3 and won a race by less than 100th of a second? Seriously, check it out:

Midnight Club 3

I know, right? Awesome. I made so many mistakes that run, too…it was raining, couldn’t see a thing, plus I’d just upgraded my car (Lotus Elise–the thing rocks out), and it always takes a little getting used to the new power and handling.