Trailer Watch – Opening March 30

Meant to post this Thursday. Forgot. That’s what I get for writing it early and leaving it in draft status…ah well.

This week’s trailers. My pick for one I’d go see: The Lookout. My pick for top box office of this group: Blades of Glory. The art film of the week is Denmark’s After the Wedding, which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, but it’s only in New York and LA. I looked up the theatre listings for New York the other day just for kicks, and almost packed up my belongings to move there that instant. But then I reminded myself that by the time I paid the rent, I wouldn’t be able to afford the movie tickets. Or the parking. Or the cab fare. Or food. So I decided to wait for more opportune circumstances to avail myself of the incredible New York filmgoing scene.

Trailers and commentary after the jump.

Meet the Robinsons

Yeah, I’m still far too amused by this preview. The longer trailer isn’t quite as manic and fun, which bodes less well for the full-length film. My guess? Overdone plot with enough amusing moments to justify a rental. A.O. Scott thinks it’s one of Disney’s “worst theatrically released animated features.” Harsh.

The Lookout

“We’ll start at the end, can’t tell a story if you don’t know where it’s going.” Alfred Hitchcock said that the difference between mystery and suspense was that mysteries build interest by not telling you whodunit, while suspense builds interest by telling you exactly who did it and letting you squirm. Between this film’s unusual tactic of starting at the end, a perhaps Memento-inflected structure, its suggestion of mental issues, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I’m definitely intrigued.

Blades of Glory

Put Will Ferrell and Jon Heder together in a movie about the unjustly maligned sport of figure skating, and you pretty much have a hit. There’s no point in even talking about it, this is going to make money. Personally, I have a soft spot for Will Ferrell and Jon Heder-style goofiness, but it’s strictly a rental relationship.

Peaceful Warrior

I saw this trailer, like, a year ago. Huh. Anyway, the little bit of buzz I’ve seen on it has been pretty negative; that the film in no way lives up the trailer’s redemptionista promise. Because the trailer looks not too bad. But I can see how it could easily get heavy-handed or overly mystical. (limited release)

After the Wedding

Well, it’s got festival cred and Oscar-nominee cred, but beyond that it’s difficult to tell. It looks like it could be sorta tawdry, but then, European films have a way of taking things that would be tawdry here and making them, uh, not. Or at least, seem not. I don’t know the director, Susanne Bier (I’m very not up on Danish film), but Zach Braff is planning to remake her film Open Hearts. So there’s that. (NY/LA)

Live Free or Die

I’m gonna have to go with a skipper on this one, I think. Dumb criminal movies can be enjoyable with the right cast and script, and I’m not getting “right cast and script” from this trailer. Zooey Deschanel is pretty cute, though. And I’m somewhat amused by the idea of escaping a crime scene and heading for the border on mopeds. But not amused enough. (limited release)