American Idol Results 8 Becomes 7

Ryan, don’t tease us by looking at Sanjaya when you say “who’s going home tonight.” It’s just mean.

Oh, wow, a group song. I thought they’d quit doing those. I’m glad they haven’t, because I love the group songs. Yep, my top four is set: Blake, Chris, Melinda, Jordin. Not necessarily in that order. Speaking of top people, I need to go buy Elliott Yamin’s CD. Anyone heard it yet?

Okay, how is it even possible to like Sanjaya and not Chris and Blake? I mean, I grant you she was like five, but still. Oh, maybe that’s it. She’s too young to appreciate their utter hotness. Why is Akon singing? Wasn’t he on, like, two weeks ago? And he’s not, um, Latin?

The morphing faces car commercial is really…creepy. The Ford commercials are not making me happy this year. Heh.

LOL!!! Simon has breastesses!

No lol on the Tony Bennett audition. That was just extremely unfunny. And uncomfortable. Except for the nod to the running door joke. And what? Celine Dion? Please tell me I heard that wrong. I had to hear her at the Oscars, I don’t want to hear her on AI!

And JLo. You know, Out of Sight with her and George Clooney was a really good movie. I can’t think of a good movie she’s done since then. She’s singing in Spanish, though! That’s hot. Bad lipstick, though. It is sort of fun to get A-list music stars for the guests. Although I still really wish the judges would criticize them after they sing, because it would be hilarious. She really was good with the contestants. Hee–she comes from the Paula school of criticism. I’m liking her better. Not because of that–because I really like Simon better than Paula, judging-wise. But still. Ryan, stop trying to speak Spanish. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Country next week. I’m not a huge country fan myself, but I know several people who are very happy. ;)

Okay, Phil bottom three. That’s accurate. LaKisha…might be in the bottom, but no, she’s safe. And Jordin’s safe. Yay! Sanjaya…Ryan! Stop teasing. Melinda, safe, of course. And Haley is in the bottom, too. I think she’s probably gone tonight, but I’m still hoping that Phil will go instead. And back to Sanjaya…RYAN!!!! Geez. Wait, this means that Blake, Chris, or Sanjaya are in the bottom. And Sanjaya is vote-proof. Blake is safe. WOOOHOOO!! So…Chris or Sanjaya? Sanjaya….is safe. Dang it! Chris is in the bottom three. What is wrong with America? Honestly.

So it’s Phil, Haley, and inexplicably, Chris. Okay, good, Chris is back to the sofa. *whew*

And it’s Haley going home. I can’t say I’m surprised, and honestly, she’s probably ready to be done being the local hottie. But still. I’m so tired of both Phil and Sanjaya. And while Haley definitely isn’t the best, I’m not tired of her yet. At least she’s able to hold herself together for her send-off performance. Mostly.