Top Five Reasons I Need an Xbox360 This Fall

So my plan for buying an Xbox360 largely involves not eating out ever. Which is saving me about $10 a week. At that rate, I can get a 360 in like three years. I might modify my plan, however, because there are a lot of really great games coming out for it, and nothing coming out for the Xbox anymore (although that does mean I’ve been able to pick up a bunch of solid Xbox games for like $5 over the past several months, which is awesome). Here are the five I’m salivating over the most, in no particular order. (Also there are trailers, which may not show in feedreaders.)

By the way, the pixelization on the trailers is introduced by my having to resize them to fit in my layout; click through to see them fullsize at if you think the graphics don’t match up to my praise of them.

Mass Effect
November 20

It’s a sci-fi RPG by BioWare, the same company that made Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, but with a combat system that I’ve heard compared to that of Gears of War. So, RPG with real-time, action-style combat? Sign me up!

Assassin’s Creed
November 13

If they can make the hand-to-hand combat and freerunning work as well as it looks in the trailer, then this is going to be awesome. You get options between stealth and head-on approaches, too. I always like options.

Guitar Hero III
October 28

I haven’t played much of anything that was as much pure fun as the Guitar Hero games. I almost bought a PS2 last year just to get the first one, but I talked myself out of it in anticipation of getting a 360 at some point. Although, Rock Band sounds really sweet, too…I’m just concerned about peripheral cost with that. Oh, and finding three other friends who like video games.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
November 5

I’m not actually tired of WW2-set FPS games, like a lot of people are, but the Call of Duty series has been so great, that I’m more than willing to follow them into modern warfare. Plus, this looks gorgeous! And Game Informer named it the number one game of E3 this year.

Grand Theft Auto IV
March 3, 2008

GTA IV would’ve been my number one reason for getting a 360 this fall, but it got moved back to spring. :( So I guess this is really Top Five Reasons To Get an Xbox 360 in the Near Future. Just look at this, though. And the teaser trailer, too. The lighting effects are incredible. If it keeps the same level of gameplay as San Andreas and adds this level of graphic quality (I’m pretty sure this is in-engine, not cutscenes, but I don’t know for sure), wow.

And I’ll also probably want to pick up Rainbow Six Vegas, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Crackdown, Call of Duty 2, Lost Planet, and maybe BioShock. And Prototype looks amazing. So yeah. Oh, I didn’t mention Halo 3. That wasn’t a mistake; I’m not as huge a fan of the Halo series as everyone else is (in fact, I’ve never really bothered to play it except in co-op, because when it came out it was one of the few games that even had co-op). I might get it eventually, but certainly not at full price.