Layer Tennis Photoshopping Contest

In Layer Tennis (aka Photoshop Tennis, though Photoshop isn’t the only program used), designers/illustrators take turns building on each others’ graphic work, and whoever remixes and builds on the previous design with the most creativity is declared the winner. I’ve seen contests like this before, but Coudal Partners has got one of the best examples of it going on. Each match is played on Friday afternoon at 2pm CST, and each designer has fifteen minutes to complete their version before sending it back to the other designer. They’re doing it live, so every fifteen minutes, a new volley is posted with a journalist’s commentary. At least, I think that’s the way it works. I didn’t actually hear about this until a couple of days ago, so I missed the first round, which played last Friday. (You can see that one here, with some very fine work indeed.)

Round two goes live at 2pm CST tomorrow, so check it out if you can. (Or look at it later.) I wish I could do stuff like this, and in fifteen minutes, no less! Incredible.