New Subscription Stuff

This post is now out of date. Please see here for more recent information on the site layout and subscription information.

I just moved the RSS Subscription box around on the main page again, putting it closer to the top on the left, and adding fancy orange RSS icons. Yay for figuring out how to modify the code for widgets! (I have a love-hate relationship with the WordPress widget system; don’t even get me started.)

Anyway, I’ve been using Tumblr for a while now to post videos, pictures, quotes and other random stuff I find around on the web that I don’t really want to bother writing a whole post about, but want to share. I tried for a few weeks to redo my whole layout to be able to incorporate a sort of Tumblr-esque sidebar or section within WordPress (so that both regular posts and tumblelog posts would show up in the same RSS feed), but gave up due to my near-complete lack of php knowledge. I have had the RSS feed from Tumblr showing in the sidebar, though. Similarly, I’m getting more into Twitter lately, now that I’ve got my phone set up with it. Twitters show up in my sidebar too, but again with the lack of integration with this blog.

So here’s the current compromise. With the help of FeedJumbler and FeedBurner, I have created individual and combined feeds for these three areas of my online life. You can:

  • Subscribe to the blog only. This will get you all the entries you see on this page, as well as the short asides on the top right.
  • Subscribe to the tumbleblog only. This will get you everything on this Tumblr page.
  • Subscribe to the Twitter feed only. This will get you everything on this Twitter page.
  • Subscribe to the blog and the tumblelog. Then you get all the entries here as well as the video and photo posts on Tumblr.
  • Subscribe to all three. Then you get it all.
  • There is another option, not for the faint of heart. You could subscribe to my Friendfeed, which includes not only the three things above, but also my Flickr feed (photos I post), my bookmarks, and my listening log, my GoogleReader shared items, and other things. So if you’re trying to stalk me, here ya go.

edited 3/29/08 to include the FriendFeed option