Scorsese Does Hitchcock

Okay, an anonymous someone linked this Martin Scorsese video in my comments at the end of November, but not knowing the anonymous someone (due to the anonymity), I didn’t watch it immediately. Then Cinematical posted it a couple of weeks later, but that was right when I went home, and had restricted internet access, so I didn’t watch it immediately. But I have watched it now, and it is awesome. The premise is that Scorsese has found three and half pages of a script that Alfred Hitchcock intended to film but never did. So Scorsese does it, in Hitchcock’s style. (It’s all made up, by the way; there is no long-lost Key of Reserva script.) And he does it perfectly, down to the camera angles and pacing. I caught references to North by Northwest, Vertigo, Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Birds and maybe Saboteur and Notorious. There are probably others. I’d love to see more cinephile directors homage their favorites like this.