Splinter Cell Co-Op Theatre #1

I have posted some of the entries from X-Play’s Splinter Cell Co-Op Theatre before, but I don’t care. I love them more than is healthy. This first one added at least two phrases to my gaming lexicon which each pop up at least once when I’m playing with my co-op gaming friend. First, the immortal “You shot me! You ****ing shot me! … Yeah, and I revived you, so shut up.” This normally comes up when I accidentally mistake him for an enemy and shoot him. Or when we get bored right after a save point and start shooting each other on purpose. An even more common is for one of us to yell “NAVY SEALS!!” when about to run stupidly into enemy fire, which happens a lot, since in most games you respawn when you die unless the other player dies too, which yields recklessness. (That doesn’t work as well in Splinter Cell itself, since you have a limited amount of time to get to your partner and revive him, thus placing yourself in danger too.) The second one in the series is awesome, too…I’ll probably post it in the next few days, just ’cause I can.