Music Monday Tuesday: SXSW Finds

No, I wasn’t at SXSW.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t already benefited from it. 

Vampire Weekend

According to one of my friends, Vampire Weekend were one of the more hyped shows of the festival and she thought they lived up to the hype, and then one of their songs turned up on XMU (aka the best XM radio station there is) and I liked it, so I went and bought their album.  And I like.  So I share.

Vampire Weekend – Campus
Vampire Weekend – M79

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend
Amie Street mp3 CD

Sons & Daughters

I was vicariously excited that my friend was going to see Sons & Daughters at SXSW, but she ended up not being able to get in.  So I guess I’m glad that Sons & Daughters are apparently really popular?  Anyway.  Another friend sent me a mix CD ages ago with "Fight" on it, and her description was something along the lines of: "This song is sort of bizarre, but in a good way."  And she’s right.  Sons & Daughters are also a Glasgow band, which for me pretty much means instant love. (Both of these tracks are off the Love the Cup EP; I haven’t had a chance to get the newer album yet, though I’ve heard and enjoyed a couple of singles off it.)

Sons & Daughters – Fight
Sons & Daughters – Blood

Sons & Daughters - Love the Cup Sons & Daughters - This Gift
Love the Cup This Gift CD CD