Music Monday – Mates of State and Snow Patrol

Mates of State

Austin-based indie favorites Mates of State released a new album last week; it didn’t take them long to get back in the studio after having their second child! (Kori was extremely pregnant when I saw them at Fun Fun Fun Fest last fall.) I’m not head over in love with this album yet, like I am with their previous release, but then it took me several months to get into them at all. They grow on you, I promise. [note: I wrote the next to last sentence after hearing the album once the day after release; now I have finally gotten it on my iPod and listened to it a few more times, and I am now head over in love with it. It’s a bit mellower than Bring It Back, but there’s nothing wrong with that, and if you’re a fan, you’ll love it.]

Mates of State – Get Better

Mates of State – Now
Mates of State – The Re-arranger

Re-Arrange Us (2008) Bring It Back (2006) Team Boo (2003)
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Amie Street

Snow Patrol

I could’ve sworn I’ve shared Snow Patrol stuff before, on account of them being one of my favorite bands ever and having gone to see them in Austin. But I searched through the archives (in preparation for the Glasgow Band Music Monday post I have planned for the not-too-distant future), and apparently I haven’t. Maybe I just included them in one of the iterations of the sidebar music player.

Snow Patrol – Run [from Final Straw]

Snow Patrol – Wow [from Final Straw]
Snow Patrol – You’re All I Have [from Eyes Open]

Eyes Open (2006) Final Straw (2004) Songs for Polar Bears (1998)
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