Local Showcase: Light FM


Something I want to start doing a little more over here is showcasing more of the local bands I see. I often go to one or more shows a week, most of them local talent lately, as I find more and more bands that I want to see time after time they play. On one hand, this might be more useful for people who live in Los Angeles, but with the ease of digital distribution, there’s no reason a lot of these bands won’t find a much wider audience than they previously would have.

My current favorite find is Light FM, led by lead singer/guitarist/songwrither Josiah Mazzaschi (sitting down in the above photo). He hails from Chicago and bounced around the music scene there for a while, but moved out to LA a few years ago. The band includes bassist Nicole Fiorentino (also of Veruca Salt), keyboardist Sophia Male, drummer Byron Reynolds (also of Sea Wolf and others), and guitarist Stephen Becker (also of Le Concorde), and they’re currently three weeks into a month-long residency at Spaceland in LA’s artsy/hipster district Silver Lake. I’ve been to see them two weeks in a row, and am planning to go back on Monday for the last one. That says something right there, because I’ve been to several residencies for various bands, but never have I gone back more than once to see the same band again. These guys hooked me, and they hooked me hard.

lettherebelightfmcover.jpgAnd a lot of times when I like a band a lot live, I end up disappointed when I listen to their album, because it lacks the live energy. That was in no way the case here – they rock a little more and play things a bit more uptempo live (as most bands do), but the new album “Let There Be Light FM” is totally solid, too. It made it difficult, in fact, to choose which songs to share with you, but I chose “Friends Aren’t Friends” because it’s one of the most sing-along-able ones, and the one that I remembered the most going from live to album; and “Magic Babies” because it showcases the softer, more melancholy side of the band’s sound.

Anyway, here are those songs for your enjoyment. If you like them and are in LA, come by Spaceland on Monday night (October 26th). It’s the last night of their residency, it’s a free show, they’ve had uniformly excellent opening bands so far, and it’ll be a great time. I’ll be there, with as many friends as I’m able to drag. Doors will be at 8:30 or so, with Light FM starting their set around 11pm.

Light FM – Friends Aren’t Friends
Light FM – Magic Babies

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Entry edited 10/27/09 to include the names of the rest of the band.