TV: Sci-Fi Worlds #2 (SPOILERS for Dollhouse)


I’m a week behind on these, but I wanted to get these up.

Dollhouse 1×13: Epitaph One and 2×01: Vows (SPOILERS)

1×13: Epitaph One

Wow, that was good. THAT is what I wanted from the show in the first place. The darkness, the mystery, the weight. It’s perfect. I hope the second season grabs some of that weightiness. When Whiskey said “Did I do my best” and little-girl-Caroline said “Yes” I totally lost it. Joss. OMG. Joss. I hate you. I love you.

The only question now, is, how the hell are they going to follow that with a season set currently? When we know so much of what’s going to happen…or is this meant to be one possibility of what will happen? Will scenes from “Epitaph One” pop up as we get to them chronologically in the show?

2×01: Vows

Hey, Jamie Bamber! Hot as ever. Really liking the little character bits – DeWitt and Victor, Sierra’s not-so-prim-and-proper persona, Whiskey messing with Topher.

It is using some of the stuff from “Epitaph One” (Whiskey’s scars, her relationship with Boyd), but not to depend on it. That’s kind of what I expected, and the best way to deal with the episode – include references to it that those who saw it will get, but not make it so that people who didn’t will notice they’re missing something.

Loving Amy Acker. LOVING. And deeper characterization for Topher. Nice. This season is starting off really strong. Even the episode’s story wasn’t bad (and no, not just because Jamie Bamber was in it looking all hot); the bait and switch on the client was pretty well-structured.

Echo remembers everyone she’s been. You can tell by listening to her talk, she’s not blank – Eliza’s not the greatest actress, even I’ll admit that, but she did a good job with the intonation there. But she wants to find the originals of all her imprints? Really, some of them probably can’t be found – they’re creations/amalgamations, right? That could be a wild goose chase to distract them for weeks – I kinda hope that doesn’t happen. I think that’d get old.

FlashForward 1×01: No More Good Days

Still not convinced this is sci-fi, but I already put it in the banner. Whatever.

Why must shows cast British actors and then have them play Americans? I mean, they’re great with the accents, I’m not complaining about that. I’m just saying. Why not just make the characters British, if you’ve got to have Joseph Fiennes and Sonya Walger? (Although, actually, Joseph Fiennes with an American accent is kind of distracting. Walger’s is perfect.) AHA! HA! They didn’t make Jack Davenport’s character an American.

So they’ve got these visions timed to coincide with the end of the season, right? If this is a one-time event, as it’s set up to be, what are they going to do next season? Randomly have another flash forward? That’d be lame. Or do a Lost thing and have it spiral into craziness?

That was a really good premiere. Well-paced, well-shot, good premise, some interesting character moments, and a lot of questions raised. I’m still worried about the long-term viability of the show, though. But hey. A lot of shows that I’ve been concerned about because they seemed like one-trick ponies have surprised me.