Check Out the New Album Widgets

Having just discovered that you can embed full streaming albums from Bandcamp on other websites, I decided to spice up both the home page and the blog page of my site with some current favorites. I’ll include the albums in this post as well, but I’ll leave them up in the sidebar and on the home page for a while, too.

First, an album by Megan Lynch interpreting songs featured in classic Looney Tunes shorts. You know when you’re watching Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny or someone breaks into a few bars of a song? Most of those were existing Warner Bros.-owned titles (some previously featured in 1930s musicals like 42nd Street), but they’re rarely heard these days. Megan has taken those all-but-forgotten classics and revitalized them with her thoughtful and enjoyable jazz stylings. It’s fun to hear the full versions of those songs in any case, but Megan does a great job of putting her own spin on them. You can find Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me streaming in the sidebar of my blog and on the main page as well. And of course, click through to and pick up your own copy of the album as a high-quality download.

<a href="">Hello Ma Baby by Megan Lynch</a>

Secondly, one of my favorite LA bands, Seaspin, just put up a Bandcamp page of their own, and you can get their EP Reverser there now. Seaspin does ear-catching dream pop/shoegaze stuff that you won’t be able to turn off once you start listening. I caught them at a show where I was seeing another band, and fell in love with them immediately; can’t wait until they get their full-length album out. Reverser is streaming on the main page, and you can go to to download the EP directly from the band.

<a href="">Love is a Fable by seaspin</a>