Watch This: Movies in Movies – A Montage

It’s no secret I love movie montage videos. If I ever find time I’ll be working on making some myself, but I must say that the bar is set pretty high by some of the fan editors on YouTube already doing it. The latest one I’ve seen is called “Movies in Movies: A Montage,” and it pulls together clips from all sorts of movies where people watch movies. As an unapologetic movie buff, I LOVE seeing people go to the movies in films – it’s one of my favorite things. So seeing a whole bunch of them all edited together so wonderfully, with music and thematic arrangement, well. This is just perfect. Well, okay, just shy of perfect, because I would’ve included O Brother Where Art Thou and Vivre sa vie, but you know what? Minor quibbles, more than made up for by the love shown to Cinema Paradiso. This is amazing work, kudos to Clara Darko and Brutzelpretzel.