Blind Spots Listmaking 2014

The past two years I’ve followed the lead of Ryan McNeil of The Matinee (along with many others) and created a list of films I consider blind spots in my viewing history to try to catch up with during the year. Both years I have failed to actually complete the list, with the extenuating circumstances of pregnancy and a new baby. Still, I managed to see a few things from each list that I might not have made time for otherwise, so I think it’s still a worthwhile enterprise, and I’m going to do it again in 2014, even though I doubt a soon-to-be toddler running around will lend me much more time than I had last year or the year before.

This year I’m soliciting help to narrow down my options. I’ve created a list on Letterboxd with 50 films I consider blind spots – some of them canonical classics, others pop culture favorites I’ve missed. Comment either on Letterboxd or here with the 12 you think are the most egregious and I’ll make my final list based on everyone’s feedback.

Thanks for your input!