Classics on Disc: June 24


My pick this week is a no-brainer – it’s Criterion’s only release, which helps, but even so, A Hard Day’s Night is a must-own, especially for Beatles fans. And I am one. It defies genre, being sort of a narrative film, sort of a concert film, sort of a documentary, and sort of a music video. Director Richard Lester brings a great sense of fun and spontaneity to the film that to some extent introduced the Beatles to the US, and set the standard for rock music films forever after. This package is loaded with extras, too – multiple documentaries and interviews, a commentary track, a short film by Lester, and much more.

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This one caught my eye from the Fox Cinema Archives lineup, partially for the title, which just sounds exciting, and partially for the supporting cast, which includes Erich von Stroheim, Peter Lorre, Sig Ruman, and Cora Witherspoon, great character actors all. Here’s the synopsis: “A countess acts as bait for a con artist and his assistant as they travel across Europe. When she unexpectedly falls in love with their latest target and resigns from the team, the pair keeps re-appearing back in her life.”

fca-cowboyandblonde fca-here-comes-trouble



Only one real classic release from Warner Archive this week, and it’s the heartwarming boy-and-his-deer story The Yearling. Okay, so I don’t actually know if it’s heartwarming because I haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing. The other Warner Archive releases are much newer and not really my thing.

wac-Crash wac-Dangerous-Beauty



The new release that most interests me is Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy, with Jake Gyllenhaal seeking out his double. I’m fascinated by doppleganger stories (and this is just one of two this year, with Richard Ayoade’s The Double being the other), so this is right there on my list.

nr-300-Rise-of-an-Empire nr-winters-tale