Classics on Disc: July 1


My pick this week is from Olive Films, which has been releasing some pretty solid classic Blu-rays lately. I actually haven’t heard of Good Sam before, but I’m surprised I haven’t, with it starring Gary Cooper and Ann Sheridan, and directed by Leo McCarey. That’s some first-rate talent all around, so I’m hoping this one is a hidden gem that’s been off the radar for a while, rather than a misfire. Here’s the description from Olive’s website:

In the tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life… Everyone in town agrees that there ought to be more good Samaritans like Sam Clayton (Gary Cooper, High Noon). Sam is a department store manager and a devoted family man. Unfortunately for Sam, no good deed goes unpunished. When Sam loans the family car to the neighbors … he gets sued when they have an accident. When he invites his brother-in-law for a visit – much to the dismay of Sam’s wife (Ann Sheridan, Kings Row) – the man stays around for six months. Sam is even willing to loan his own family savings to a young couple so they can start their own business and have a baby. Eventually, Sam learns why nice guys finish last when he himself needs someone to turn to! Legendary director, Leo McCarey (The Bells of St. Mary’s, An Affair to Remember) directed this dark comedy with gorgeous black-and-white cinematography by the great George Barnes (The File on Thelma Jordon, Rebecca).

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Olive Films

Of course, Operation Petticoat is the big release from Olive, and I almost defaulted to making it my pick of the week, but I actually don’t like it as much as most people do. Hence deciding to go with an unknown quantity instead.

Olive-Operation-Petticoat Olive-So-This-is-New-York

Warner Archive


It’s Errol Flynn week at Warner Archive, with three of their four releases starring the swashbuckler extraordinaire. Only this one is actually a swashbuckler, though. I was tempted to pick Escape Me Never to feature, just because it has the best cover, but tales about composers don’t often interest me. Another Dawn looks promising, if only because Kay Francis is highly underrated. The fourth release is a Japanese animated film from 1959 – I’m actually super curious about THAT.

WAC-Escape-Me-Never WAC-Another-Dawn WAC-Magic-Boy

Fox Cinema Archives


The Classicflix site listed these films and called Girl Trouble an A-movie, and the other two B-movies. I so wanted to pick one of the B-movies, just because, but, well – Girl Trouble really is the one that looks the most interesting, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was at least partially because I like the cast (and I don’t know the cast on the other films). Sometimes being an A-film is a huge boost. Here’s the description from Classicflix: “A New York socialite rents her apartment to a visiting Venezuelan playboy in order to make ends meet. When she is mistaken for a servant, however, hilarities ensue as a business deal is arranged and they form a romance.”

fca-The-Escape fca-Everybody's-Baby

New Releases


Pretty slow week for new releases! Besides these two, it’s mostly all low-budget horror movies and TV shows (which I’ve somewhat arbitrarily decided I won’t include in these posts). I’ve been interested in the Kor-Eda film Like Father Like Son since I saw a bunch of positive TIFF reviews of it, so I’ll choose it over the Errol Morris Rumsfeld documentary, though that has also gotten solid feedback (I’m just not a doc person).