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The Films of 2010 Retrospective

There’s not much I love more than a well-done montage, and this is one of the best I’ve seen recently. A thematically and visually arranged collage of 2010 releases, both big and small, both good and not-so-good, giving a pretty comprehensive overview of the films of 2010 in a mere six minutes. And it’s truly a case where the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts, as the editor (genrocks on YouTube and Twitter) uses snippets of dialogue here and there to create a great thematic rhythm and at times almost a narrative of the year. This is some incredible work. There’s a full list of the films used here, but watch it first – it’s pretty cool to see how some of the clips you’ll recognize are used.

TCM Remembers…2010 Memorial

Every time I see one of these I just want to go watch a gazillion old movies all at once. I’d forgotten that we’d lost some of these people this year. I did cringe a little at them only using Titanic to represent Gloria Stuart, who has plenty of 1930s movies they could’ve referenced as well. Like The Old Dark House. I mean, it is TCM we’re talking about here. Sorry I can’t seem to find a way to embed a larger version, but you can make it a bit bigger on the original page in TCM’s Media Room.

The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer

I’m going to have to go buy a PC from somewhere just so I can play this game, aren’t I? Although, it’s not like this is gameplay and you’ll be able to do all this stuff. I don’t care. This looks so awesome, and I love the Old Republic time period. I’ve never gotten into MMOs before, but if I had the hardware for it, this would definitely be the first.