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Classics on Disc: July 22


It’s an easy pick this week, as Criterion’s Jacques Demy set has had me salivating since I first heard of it. It has both The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young Girls of Rochefort, two films I love to bits, plus Lola, which I’ve been trying to see forever and has been difficult to find up until now, plus Donkey Skin and a lot more. I’m super-stoked to check this out as soon as I save up the money for it. Meanwhile, fans of the original Scandinavian version of Insomnia are treated to a Blu-ray upgrade of the title.


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Criterion in October


Criterion announced their October releases this week, and the premiere item is a box set collection all of Jacques Tati’s films (a great companion piece to next week’s release of the The Essential Jacques Demy). That’s all six of his features, plus seven shorts, everything newly restored. Plus alternate versions of some of the features, documentaries, visual essays, interviews, archival interviews and publicity, and the usual booklet of essays. I am definitely gonna have to put this on my wishlist.

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Classics on Disc: July 15


This film has a pretty fascinating history – directed by Lewis Milestone (All Quiet in the Western Front), it was originally released in 1943 as The North Star. In 1957, it was edited and a voiceover added to make it explicitly anti-Communist and re-released as Armored Attack!. I haven’t seen either version, but Olive Film has included both on this disk. I’m not sure I’ve heard of many other cases like this, where a film was overhauled and rereleased with a new title. I’m pretty fascinated to see it. Plus that cover is gorgeous!

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