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Classics on Disc: August 5


The restored version of William Friedkin’s Sorcerer was one of the screenings at this year’s TCM Film Festival that I wish I’d been able to get to. The film has been kind of a holy grail for a while, difficult to find and never in Friedkin’s intended version – this following box office failure and renewed interest only after release. This Blu-ray sets all that to rights, with a restoration guided by Friedkin himself. The film is a remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s acclaimed The Wages of Fear, a film I admit I didn’t care for very much when I saw it. I’m curious to both rewatch the original, and then watch Friedkin’s take on the story. Buy at Amazon

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Classics on Disc: July 29


For the first time since I started doing these posts, Fox Cinema Archives takes the top spot, with their release of Clara Bow’s next-to-last film Call Her Savage. I saw this at the TCM Film Festival a few years ago, and while I wouldn’t on the whole call it successful, it was definitely a one-of-a-kind film, jumping back and forth from flapper comedy to sophisticated drama to working class tragedy. It is…a sight to behold, and I’m glad it’s getting at least a DVD-on-demand release so hopefully more people can check it out. Fox Cinema Archives is also releasing Alex & the Gypsy which I know nothing about except that the poster being used as the basis of the cover art is terrible.


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