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Watch This: Godard in Fragments

Video essayist Kogonada tends to let images and editing speak for themselves, and that’s precisely what he does here (with a slight bit of added Godard-esque typography, mostly to translate French audio), juxtaposing shots from various 1960-1967 Godard films to highlight recurring techniques. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who watches Godard’s early work that he had some specific things on his mind, but seeing it put together like this with excellent music and editing choices is mesmerizing and wonderful.

Watch This: Tony Zhou on Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones is by far my favorite animation director of all time, and Tony Zhou is currently my favorite video essayist. Put them together? Yep, this is nine must-see minutes right here. And I’m also reminded that I need to get back to my Looney Tunes series that I started months ago and seemingly abandoned – but I didn’t, I promise! It’s just delayed.

Watch This: First and Final Frames

I kind of wish the titles of the films were included on the video, since I could only recognize about half of them right off (the titles are in the description with timestamps), but then again, the beauty and symmetry of these shots mixed with the music is so perfect that I’m also kind of glad the picture is unmarred by data. It’s fascinating to see how sometimes the images mirror each other, sometimes they differ greatly, but always there’s a relationship implied. I wasn’t following this guy Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo, but you bet I am now.