First Post

So this is where all the cool kids are hanging out. I’ve had an internet presence for several years, largely on Livejournal. But that’s always been more of an internet-community-fandom-based journal; most of my friends over there I met over the internet through our mutual love for the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Veronica Mars. I’m keeping that journal for that sort of thing, and to keep up with the good friends I have there, but I’m not completely ready for my internet life and my real life to collide. Hence, new blog for stalking keeping up with RL friends.

I’m fascinated by internet community, and it’ll be interesting to see how this blog turns out compared to my journal. I’ve never perpetuated an internet persona that’s different than my RL personality, so I’m not anticipating any disconnect like that…but which types of posts will I end up posting in which place? Will the content overlap greatly? Will the tone and thrust be different? Livejournal fosters a sense of community in a way that blogspot doesn’t…how will that affect what and how I post? More importantly, will I be able to keep up with both? ;)