Mark liked the version of this that I posted on my livejournal better, so I copied that one over here. He’s right, this one is more “me”. I was tired last night when I wrote the shorter one; plus I’m not totally comfortable here yet. My persona on LJ is pretty well-defined, but it’s still sorting itself out here.

Okay, I’ve now checked out the iTunes downloadable TV shows (Desperate Housewives ep my DVR missed). *shakes head in disappointment* iTunes!! Come on!! What are you doing, offering this horrendous file quality? Here I was expecting pristine prints, all set to watch HD-quality entertainment on my PC, because that’s what I expect from a service I generally respect, like iTunes, and I get files that look like tenth-generation VHS copies with some nice pixelization added into the mix. The hell? Why would I pay for this crap? Well, I did this time because I wasn’t expecting it to be crap, but I don’t know that I will again. Why is iTunes doing this? I mean, their market has grown up with DVD/digital cable/satellite/HD, and we’ve come to expect that sort of quality. And it’s not impossible…I tried out one of MovieLink’s downloadable movie rentals, and it was surprisingly high quality. Very impressive.

I don’t know what they’re thinking. The torrents I’ve downloaded are twice this quality. If the industry wants to reduce illegal downloading, they’ve got to step up to the plate and offer something worth buying. This isn’t it. Granted, I suppose if you’re dl’ing it for your iPod, the quality is probably good enough (anyone want to verify this? I don’t have a video iPod to test it…), but in that case, they should offer multiple versions, like they have multiple versions of movie trailers. Because these files are almost impossible to watch on my computer screen, and forget about hooking up the computer to my TV and trying to watch them.

Reasons Today Rocked

Reasons today rocked:

  • Hot wings at Culpeppers
  • As a related item, eating lunch outside for the first time this year
  • Walking in Forest Park, in an area I don’t usually go to (I’m a Grand Basin junkie, but I thought I’d check out some of the other park areas)
  • Getting an article I’m writing for a webzine about half-finished (major breakthrough, as I’ve been procrastinating through research for a week and a half)
  • Being highly amused by a couple trying to unload a very heavy motorcycle off the back of their pickup–their “ramp” (aka a two-by-four) kept falling off
  • Belle and Sebastian CD on the way home
  • The rain not starting until after I got home, and after dark
  • Catching up on 24, House, and How I Met Your Mother
  • Finding a book that I think will finally help me understand PHP and MySQL…maybe
  • Finding an FTP extension for Firefox that seems to work better than the Dreamweaver one, which has been crashing DW constantly lately
  • Beating a boss level on XIII that’s kept me stuck for a few weeks (I won’t let myself buy any more games until I finish this one–my “stuck in the middle of” stack is getting astronomical)

So, yeah. Successful day. Tomorrow: church, sheperding groups fellowship, delving past installing PHP into actually using it, and possibly the last four eps of Arrested Development, which I’ve been saving, but really, it may be time to let go.

AI Top Twelve Results

Okay, I know I’m not going to like the American Idol results show this week. I like seven of the eight girls (I don’t care for Kinnik, and I just saw before I backed my DVR up to the beginning that she’s off, as I knew she would be). And I like five or six of the guys, but I’m by no means sure that the ones I like will be the ones that stay. I think the other girl off will be either Kellie or Melissa. Kellie was an early favorite of mine, and I still like her, but I don’t think she’s got the voice to keep up with the top three or four. Melissa has been growing on me every week, so now I’d be sorry to see her go as well. And I was fairly sure Ayla was going to make it into the top twelve, but this week’s song was really weak, so I don’t know anymore. I agree with Simon on her…I like her somewhat, and last week she was very good, but she’s almost too perfect. If that makes sense. There’s no thrill.

On the guys side, I *heart* Kevin Covais. Especially when he does Josh Groban songs. Chills. Up. And. Down. My. Spine. But my coworker hates him, so if there are many in America like her, I fear for my Kevin. If I were voting off, I’d probably vote off Bucky and…geez. Either Ace or Gedeon. I like Gedeon’s singing, but his video clips where he’s talking are annoying me to death. Overenunciate much? And I liked Ace at first, but the last two weeks have just been…meh. And he’s kinda smarmy. As in, there’s part of me that says, yes, he’s hot in a way, especially his eyes, but there’s a much larger part of me that wouldn’t let him touch me, ever.

Now. Back to the beginning of the show. I love DVR.

American Idol…

Speaking of the removal of the high-low distinction in art…

Figured I should put my American Idol predictions in here before any more of it airs, so if I’m right, it will be on record from pretty much the beginning. (I swear, I picked Carrie Underwood out of the auditions. But it’s not written down anywhere, so I can’t prove it.)

Based purely on the auditions, my pick this year would be Paris Bennett. And she’s still a definite top three contender. But after the first set of performances, I’m leaning towards Lisa Tucker. She really wowed me. I think Katherine McPhee has the best natural singing voice of all of them, but I don’t think she’s going to be able to sell the songs like Lisa can. On the boys’ side, I dunno. There are four or five guys I think can go right to the end, but when it comes down to it, I think Lisa’s better than all of them.

So there it is. My prediction. Lisa Tucker for American Idol 2006. (Even though I probably wouldn’t buy her record, because she’s not my style of music…I’d be much more likely to buy Katharine’s or David Radford’s–who I know won’t make it too much further; he’s on borrowed time already.)

There. My American Idol addiction is outed. I can’t wait until tomorrow night. I’ve avoided watching it at all for four years, and now, it’s hitting hard, man.

Off-the-cuff Postmodernism

Call me crazy, but I didn’t even notice that Pastor Meyers had gone overtime the past two Sunday evenings. That’s because he was talking about postmodernism as part of the Cultural Discernment series. First off, I love all the Cultural Discernment evenings. Secondly, things that smack of philosophy and media and pop-culture, especially all mashed together, pretty much tops my list of Interesting Things I Want To Hear More About. Thirdly, postmodernism itself especially interests me, and I was glad to hear such a clear and non-judgmental presentation of it. I thought he did a really good job of pointing out the good things about postmodernism and the critiques it has made against modernism, as well as point out places where postmodernism itself goes to far, or in a misleading direction. He’s posted this week’s presentation on his blog, in case you weren’t there Sunday night.

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