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Notable Linkage 9/30/08

Since I’ve taken off the sidebar section with the asides, which is where I used to highlight notable things on other sites, I decided I should start collecting some notable links together into larger posts. Mostly because this will discourage me from simply sharing things on GoogleReader or linking them on Friendfeed, which is not especially effective since many of my repeat readers don’t use those tools. (However, if you do happen to use Friendfeed and I haven’t found you already, hit me up. I’m there, like, ALL THE TIME now.)

Spoutblog has a good (and positive) review of Brick director Rian Johnson’s second feature The Brothers Bloom. It’s been playing some festivals (so there are other reviews floating around, both positive and less so), and I think it’s set to open in limited release in December. They keep moving the release date around, though. Which is annoying.

Film School Rejects has info on a new Sherlock Holmes movie in production. I did not know about this movie before, but I have these things to note: A) They’re making a Sherlock Holmes movie! B) Guy Ritchie is directing it! C) Robert Downey Jr. is playing Holmes! C) Jude Law is playing Watson! D) Rachel McAdams is playing Irene Adler! (Adler is the only person to ever outwit Holmes, in “A Scandal in Bohemia.” She’s also the heroine of Carole Nelson Douglas’s revisionist Holmes series, and I hope the film brings in some characterization from Douglas.) There is no way this film is going to be anything but awesome.

I mentioned the new Criterion editions of some of Max Ophuls films; now there’s a restored version of his only color film, Lola Montes, about to hit theatres on October 10th. Hopefully a good DVD will follow; for now, check the theatrical schedule on Rialto’s site.

Reverse Shot devotes their newest issue to Hou Hsiao-hsien, a director I definitely need to get to know better.

A bunch of stills from Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland film. And when I say upcoming, I mean “not coming until 2010.” But I’m already excited about the concept. Johnny Depp’s on board as the Mad Hatter.