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20 Favorite Actresses

The film blogosphere has another meme going around, this time started by Nathaniel R. of Film Experience, who has called for bloggers to celebrate twenty of their favorite actresses. No one’s tagged me, but that never stopped me before! So many actresses are worthy to be on a list like this, but in the end, I went with the actresses that can sell me on a film – the ones I’ll see in anything, just because they’re in it. Oh, and the level of my girl-crush on them is factored in as well. ;)

I originally wrote a paragraph about each actress (like Arbogast did in his very informative take on the meme), but opted instead for a more minimalist approach. If you want more info on the actresses or why I love them, let me know.

Maria Bello (especially: The Cooler, Thank You For Smoking, A History of Violence)

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Featured Video: Song from Pierrot le fou

Today is Jean-Paul Belmondo’s birthday, so I wanted to post a clip of him. Except Youtube wouldn’t cooperate in giving me Belmondo-focused clips that I actually like, and I didn’t have time to make my own. What is with the horrible quality of EVERY Breathless clip on Youtube, incidentally? Anyway, this is Anna Karina singing to Belmondo in Pierrot le fou. (And those of you who have paid attention to my Godard ramblings can probably figure out that it’s no great strain on me to post something Karina-focused. I’m pretty much in love with her. Sorry, Belmondo, for co-opting your birthday a bit.)