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October 2007 Reading/Watching Recap

My movie-viewing stats have gone way down this month, due to school (to a small degree), but mostly television and becoming addicted to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Guitar Hero II. But this means I’m all caught up on posting these! Yay. After the jump, reactions to Black Book, L’Avventura, Blood Diamond, Across the Universe, Gone Baby Gone, Away from Her, The Road, and others.

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DVD Pick of the Week – Away From Her

Away from HerLet’s just abandon any idea that my picks of the week are recommendations from personal experience. I only see about two or three films a month in theatres, so most of the time I’m going to be picking the films that I most want to see or that I’ve heard good buzz about. And I’ve heard great buzz about Sarah Polley’s directorial debut, Away from Her. I find it really interesting that Polley, who’s 28 and best known for her acting in indie films, chose to make her first film as a director about an aging couple dealing with Alzheimer’s. And apparently she does a really great job, too, as does veteran actress Julie Christie as the struggling woman. I’m always glad to hear about good films from women directors, because dang it, we need more good women directors. So I’m hoping to catch Away from Her soon.

Other notable releases this week:

  • Bones: Season Two – I quite enjoy Bones, though there were several story decision in the latter half of Season Two that didn’t make a whole lotta sense
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three – And I’m addicted to Grey’s, even though last year’s finale made me pretty mad, not to mention scared about how this season will go
  • Supernatural: Season Two – Lots of my friends watch this, but I never have. Someday. That’s what DVDs are for.
  • Las Vegas: Season Four – Another one on my “eventually” list
  • Charmed: The Final Season – I’m amused that apparently the Charmed producers can’t even remember how many seasons there are; or they’re just happy to be done with it
  • I Dream of Jeannie: Season Four
  • Snow Cake – Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, and Carrie-Anne Moss deal with a tragic accident and autism, which just seems like too much depressing stuff for one movie.