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Tardy Music Monday – Kelly Clarkson and The Populars

Blog Finds

I’ve been fairly lax lately about keeping up with the mp3 blogs. But I just listened through a few, and found a couple of tracks I enjoyed. BTW, if anyone has favorite music blogs, let me know…I’m pretty much gravitating toward fluxblog and you ain’t no picasso and I wouldn’t mind a few recommendations.

Imperial Teen – Everyone Want to Know (Imperial Teen on MySpace)
Blonde Redhead – 23 (Blonde Redhead on MySpace)

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson - My DecemberKelly Clarkson’s new CD My December came out at the end of June, but it took me a few weeks to get hold of it. First I went to Wal-Mart, because they usually have new releases for less then ten dollars. And that’s my album price point these days, unless it’s for a support-worthy independent band at the support-worthy independent record store (which would be in Austin for me), in which case I’ll go as high as $13.99 in rare cases. But for mainstream big artists? Yeah, ten bucks. But I couldn’t find it the week of release, and I went the other day and it was $13.99, and Best Buy was $14.99. So I fell back on iTunes, where I knew I could get it for ten. Ah well, that’s what CD burners are for. Anyway, it’s good. I haven’t listened to it enough yet to be able to adequately compare it to Breakaway, but it has a more varied sound, which I really like. As much as I like Breakaway, several of the songs start to sound an awful lot alike after a while. Here are a couple of tracks off My December.

Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Waste Your Time
Kelly Clarkson – Be Still

The Populars

The Populars - The Vindicators LPI found these guys on Amie Street, a music store you really should check out if you’re into indie music of all types. Like emusic (which I also highly recommend), all tracks are DRM-free .mp3s. The business model is an interesting one that I like a lot: newly posted songs start out free and as more people download/buy them, the price goes up, capping out at 99 cents. So you’ll never pay more for a song than you would at iTunes, and usually it’s much, much less. I got five tracks off this album for about 16 cents each. A few of those tracks have gone up to around a quarter, but you can still get the whole album for less then $2. That’s what I call a deal. Anyway, there’s a good bit of variety on the Popular’s album The Vindicators, too (which is why I only bought half the songs). If you like these, try them all, but do listen to the samples Amie Street provides first because though I really like these, some of the others I didn’t like at all.

The Populars – Always Without
The Populars – Smart Bomb

*note: click the album covers to go where you can buy the albums; often I link to Amazon.com, but if I got the music off Amie Street or emusic or somewhere cool like that, I’ll probably link there.