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Featured Video: Battlestar Galactica thus far in 8 minutes

Battlestar Galactica Season Four starts on Friday. Above is an 8-minute recap of the first three seasons, which is quick, to the point, amusingly snarky, and narrated by Katee Sackhoff. It’s worth watching even if you, like me, just watched all of S3 in three days and thus don’t really need the refresher, just because you get to hear things like “there are twelve human-esque Cylon models, some of which look like models” over a shot of Number Six, because, well, she does. And “xxx think they’re crazy, but it turns out they’re Cylons. Which is crazy.” However, if you have not watched BSG, DO NOT watch the above, because BSG is, like all the best shows, one that you really need to watch in order WITHOUT spoilers, so go back and rent (or buy) the DVDs and watch them all. It’s worth it. “So say we all.”