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Challenge Week 34: The Long Memory

This is one of the few films I hadn’t heard of at all going into this challenge, even more surprising as it’s an older film, and a noir to boot! The trick is it’s British noir, and I’m not as familiar with that as I should be, so thank you for pointing me in this direction, Grant.

A rather complicated plot setup lands bright young Phillip Davidson in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and when he gets out twelve years later, he’s no longer bright and young, but bitter and seeking revenge. A lot of the film is quieter than you’d expect, with Phillip spending time alone on a beached boat in a remote part of England and forming a tentative relationship with an abused barmaid in between trying to find the men responsible for his unjust imprisonment.


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Challenge Week 29: Hobson’s Choice

I was a little more apprehensive going into this one than I should’ve been, by a lot – for some reason I thought it would be a “vegetable movie”. You know, one you’re supposed to watch because it’s good for you, not because it’s actually enjoyable. I run hot and cold on David Lean as a director (sacrilege, I know), and the logline of an alcoholic father who demands the right to choose husbands for his two younger daughters (his oldest is too good a helper at his shoemaker’s business to let go) sounds more depressing than entertaining.

With Charles Laughton in the lead, I should’ve known better than all that.


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