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Tardy Music Monday – Kelly Clarkson and The Populars

Blog Finds

I’ve been fairly lax lately about keeping up with the mp3 blogs. But I just listened through a few, and found a couple of tracks I enjoyed. BTW, if anyone has favorite music blogs, let me know…I’m pretty much gravitating toward fluxblog and you ain’t no picasso and I wouldn’t mind a few recommendations.

Imperial Teen – Everyone Want to Know (Imperial Teen on MySpace)
Blonde Redhead – 23 (Blonde Redhead on MySpace)

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson - My DecemberKelly Clarkson’s new CD My December came out at the end of June, but it took me a few weeks to get hold of it. First I went to Wal-Mart, because they usually have new releases for less then ten dollars. And that’s my album price point these days, unless it’s for a support-worthy independent band at the support-worthy independent record store (which would be in Austin for me), in which case I’ll go as high as $13.99 in rare cases. But for mainstream big artists? Yeah, ten bucks. But I couldn’t find it the week of release, and I went the other day and it was $13.99, and Best Buy was $14.99. So I fell back on iTunes, where I knew I could get it for ten. Ah well, that’s what CD burners are for. Anyway, it’s good. I haven’t listened to it enough yet to be able to adequately compare it to Breakaway, but it has a more varied sound, which I really like. As much as I like Breakaway, several of the songs start to sound an awful lot alike after a while. Here are a couple of tracks off My December.

Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Waste Your Time
Kelly Clarkson – Be Still

The Populars

The Populars - The Vindicators LPI found these guys on Amie Street, a music store you really should check out if you’re into indie music of all types. Like emusic (which I also highly recommend), all tracks are DRM-free .mp3s. The business model is an interesting one that I like a lot: newly posted songs start out free and as more people download/buy them, the price goes up, capping out at 99 cents. So you’ll never pay more for a song than you would at iTunes, and usually it’s much, much less. I got five tracks off this album for about 16 cents each. A few of those tracks have gone up to around a quarter, but you can still get the whole album for less then $2. That’s what I call a deal. Anyway, there’s a good bit of variety on the Popular’s album The Vindicators, too (which is why I only bought half the songs). If you like these, try them all, but do listen to the samples Amie Street provides first because though I really like these, some of the others I didn’t like at all.

The Populars – Always Without
The Populars – Smart Bomb

*note: click the album covers to go where you can buy the albums; often I link to Amazon.com, but if I got the music off Amie Street or emusic or somewhere cool like that, I’ll probably link there.

Music Monday 21 May 2007 – American Idol edition

In honor of the American Idol finale this week, I’m ceding this week’s Music Monday to American Idol fever. My favorite winners, finalists, and a few of this year’s best tracks. (Sound clips from the show taken from Rickey.org)

Previous Idols

Kelly Clarkson

I wrote Kelly Clarkson off for years because she came from Idol. Those were the same years, incidentally, that I was scoffing at Idol itself. But now I love her, and she remains the best Idol as well as the first (I just saw Season One on American Idol Rewind, and the only other contestant that season who even remotely competed evenly with Kelly was Tamyra Gray–Tamyra’s about to start starring on Broadway in RENT as Mimi, by the way–I bet she’ll be great in that role). On the other hand, Kelly’s immediate release after Idol (“Thankful”) was not terribly impressive from what I’ve heard of it, so skip straight to her second release “Breakaway” (I tried to pick songs that haven’t been overplayed on the radio–but since I don’t listen to the radio, I might be grossly mistaken). Hopefully her upcoming release this summer will be similarly enjoyable.

Kelly Clarkson – Gone (right-click-save to download)

Kelly Clarkson – Where is Your Heart (right-click-save to download)

(buy "Breakaway" from Amazon)
(pre-order "My December" from Amazon)

Katharine McPhee

What, did I skip a few years? My bad. I started watching in Season 5, and don’t care enough for what I’ve heard of Clay, Ruben, and Fantasia to bother going back and get their albums. I do like Carrie Underwood, but not being a country fan, I also haven’t been proactive about getting any of her music. So there you have it. On to Season 5. Kat’s self-titled debut album is a bit overly pop/R&B for my tastes, but it’s actually growing on me. Which is a little disturbing when I think about it (do I like everything if I only listen to it enough?). But anyway, one review I read of the the album is that her voice sounds great, and it’s just too bad that the material often dips into the banal–especially the lyrics. I would totally agree with that assessment. If you like Kat’s voice and want to hear more, you won’t hate the album, but you might be disappointed that she didn’t hold out for better material. Here are a couple of tracks. “Dangerous” is a laid-back club number, while “Ordinary World” shows off her vocal ability better than most of the other tracks.

Katharine McPhee – Dangerous (right-click-save…you get the idea)

Katharine McPhee – Ordinary World

(buy "Katharine McPhee" from Amazon)


I have Daughtry’s album, but I’ve only heard it a time or two, not enough to pick out songs I like. In fact, most of the songs seem to run together as annoyingly similar. Just to have something of his, though, here’s “Home,” which is currently being used as the journey recap music for voted-off Idol contestants.

Daughtry – Home

(buy "Daughtry" from Amazon)

Elliott Yamin

I was also disappointed in Elliott’s album. (I guess I should stop hoping for good Idol debut albums, eh? Especially since not even Kelly’s first one was good…fingers crossed for sophomore efforts?) But his voice is still incredible, even if I think they hired chimps to write a few of the lyrics.

Elliott Yamin – Find a Way

Elliott Yamin – A Song for You

(buy "Elliott Yamin" from Amazon)

Taylor is conspicuously absent for the simple reason that I don’t like him. Deal.

Best of This Year

Why should Jordin Sparks win this year? Because of these songs, among others:

Jordin Sparks – To Love Somebody

Jordin Sparks – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Jordin Sparks – I Who Have Nothing

Why do I want Blake Lewis‘s CD? Because of these performances, among several others:

Blake Lewis – Mack the Knife

Blake Lewis – When I Get You Alone

and especially Blake Lewis – You Give Love a Bad Name

Why was I surprised when Melinda Doolittle got voted off, even though I was rooting for a Jordin-Blake finale? Because she’s amazing:

Melinda Doolittle – I’m a Woman

Melinda Doolittle – My Funny Valentine

Melinda Doolittle – I Believe in You and Me

Why did I feel bad when I started hoping LaKisha Jones would get voted off? Because I felt a bit shallow choosing personality rather than talent, which she clearly has:

LaKisha Jones – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

LaKisha Jones – Midnight Train to Georgia

LaKisha Jones – This Ain’t a Love Song

Why did I want Chris Richardson to stay around as long as rationally possible? Well, partially because I was crushing on him. But also because I enjoyed his versions of these, among others:

Chris Richardson – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Chris Richardson – Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

Chris Richardson – Wanted Dead or Alive

Why did I vote for Haley Scarnato even though I knew she couldn’t (and shouldn’t) win? Because I downright love her tone quality, even if I’m in a minority. And I think her voice is better suited to the recording studio than the live stage, and that hurt her.

Haley Scarnato – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

Haley Scarnato – Ain’t Misbehavin’

Haley Scarnato – True Colors

Just to prove I’m truly obsessed, I do have audio rips of pretty much all of the performances from both Seasons 5 and 6, if there are any y’all are interested in that I didn’t post here. American Idol.com has studio-recorded versions for sale, which I hear are often worthwhile getting, too, if you’re even more obsessed than me.