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All but one down, one to go

As of today, my to-do list had 108 school-related tasks completed, two open. I just reached 20 pages on the adaptation paper, after throwing in intertextualism and “literature as resourse” and “film as critical reading” and the auteur theory and populism and statistics on the Indian film industry and descriptions and analysis of Bollywood music and Cahiers du Cinema and Mansfield Park and Shakespeare and Clueless and I don’t know what all else. People keep saying my topic is too broad, but how can that be when I keep having to make up stuff to make my paper long enough? I suppose they mean I’m not going in-depth enough, but really, I tried to go more in-depth but it just got very subjective and polemical and not good. It’s probably not good anyway, but dude. It’s 20 pages. I quit. I read it over, and I think it sounds fine…it flows well from point to point, at any rate. So now I only have one thing left on my to-do list–an 8-page paper for Friday. After two 20-pagers, 8 pages sounds like nothing.

One of my professors is trying really hard to convince me that I want to stay in the field and become a lifetime literary scholar. He hasn’t been successful so far, but it’s at least nice that he thinks I have the capability to do that. Of course, he hasn’t seen this paper. ;)

In other news, a couple of Midnight Club 3 races are perfect for loosening tension between bouts of writing, and can I just say? The Lamborghini is pretty awesome. I just got far enough in the game last weekend to unlock the “exotics,” and I don’t have enough money to buy most of them yet, but I got the Lamborghini, and it just hugs the road like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t know that it’s completely overtaken the Lotus Elise in my heart yet, but it is definitely the more powerful car. But the Elise is my baby. However, you can testdrive the cars even if you don’t have enough money to buy them, and there’s one for $725,000…*checks to see what it is*…Mercedes CLK-GTR, which is just fabulous. Turns on a dime, even without handbraking. And if you’re in the market for a luxury sedan, I recommend the Mercedes AMG CL55. I have no idea how much that one costs in the game, because I won it as a prize, but it corners better than the Elise, and it’s a freakin’ sedan.

They’ve started showing audition clips in the commercials for the next season of American Idol (yeah, I know you didn’t really need the link on that one, but I’m on a linking roll). I can’t wait. One of the girls I just saw in the commercial was singing “Stormy Weather,” and it was beautiful…another great contestant for Standards Night! Woot!

One by One in the Darkness by Deirdre Madden – I’ll be writing about this more in my November recap, you know, when I get time to write it. But this was the last book we read in 20th Century British Lit, and it was really, really good…set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. I knew very little about Ireland before this class, but the professor is really into Irish literature, so I learned a lot. Some good stuff there, and Madden’s book quickly became one of my favorite things of the semester. (Still not quite as good as Howards End, perhaps, but close.) Anyway. It’s a bit sad perhaps, but extremely well-written.

Zotero – This research tool has been invaluable to me over the past few weeks. It’s only for Firefox 2.0, so you better run out and get that first, if you don’t already have it. Anyway, it’s an extension that sits in your browser, and handles bibliographic citations (if you’re on, like, a library record for a book, Zotero usually figures it out and puts an icon in the address bar, which you can click to add the citation for the book to Zotero). It’s a little buggy with some of the research databases (it says it supports EBSCOhost, which hosts the MLA database, so I use it a lot, but the automatic citation adding thingie doesn’t usually work), but you can always add citations manually. But it combines the straight citation ability with the ability to associate web-page captures, links, other files, and notes to any citation. It’s perfect for taking notes while reading, and keeping track of the fifty-odd different reviews I wanted to look at for the adaptation paper.

Remember the Milk – I keep my aforementioned to-do list on this site, which aside from having killer to-do list capabilities (including due-dates, notes, estimated time per task, etc.), also has the best ever name for a to-do list site. For quick lists, I like Tada Lists, but Remember the Milk has helped me remember to get all my assignments done on time all year. If I hadn’t had it, I totally would’ve been overwhelmed with all the different things, especially in Bibliography and Research, which had ten zillion itty bitty assignments.

That’s all for now.

New look

My paper due tomorrow is done, the one due Tuesday is only lacking two pages (out of 22, so percentage-wise…) and what I’ve got is looking good, so I took some me time to play with my layout. I’m having trouble keeping both sides of my brain working–when I worked at the bank, the creative/imaginative side got no play (hence the scurrying back to grad school in English), but now that I’m spending 3/4 of my waking moments reading and writing about literature, the analytical side is feeling left out. Coding layouts helps that. (Oh, and dude, I worked on The Frame some, finding a way to incorporate inline media players and such, and I can now totally code html tables in my sleep. I always relied on DreamWeaver’s WYSIWYG interface for that before, but no more! So much more control now.)

Anyway. I’ve been eyeing this layout for a long time–it’s really clean and bright, but it took me a while to sit down and figure out how to smash everything that I had in a three-column layout down into a two column. I did try at first to make this one into a three-column one, and though I was moving in the right direction, my PHP/CSS skillz aren’t quite up to that yet. Now I just have to make a custom banner for the top…I sort of like the default one, but it’s not mine, you know? But that’ll have to wait until the next time I need a procrastination project. You know, nobody’s going to ever believe that I actually do study, because all I ever post about is taking breaks from studying…ooh, did I mention that I was playing Midnight Club 3 and won a race by less than 100th of a second? Seriously, check it out:

Midnight Club 3

I know, right? Awesome. I made so many mistakes that run, too…it was raining, couldn’t see a thing, plus I’d just upgraded my car (Lotus Elise–the thing rocks out), and it always takes a little getting used to the new power and handling.