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Our justice system at work…

Man charged with three criminal accounts because he mistook a porn video for a woman being raped

Now, entering an apartment brandishing a sword (with varying degrees of violence depending on whose story you believe) may be a little eccentric, but I’m sorry. This guy did the right thing. He heard a woman screaming for help and went to rescue her. The fact that it turned out to be a porn DVD is irrelevant when it comes to his initial reaction. He says “Now I feel stupid,” but he shouldn’t. He did the right thing. Now he’s facing criminal charges, because apparently we’re more concerned about protecting porn guy’s rights to watch rape porn in peace than about the safety of women. What do you think this man is going to do the next time he thinks he hears a woman being raped? “Oh, it’s probably just a porn video…don’t want to get into that again.” What if it really is a woman being raped?

(via Boing Boing)