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Challenge Week 26: Dinner at the Ritz

For this one, Naomi REALLY reached deep into the vaults, pulling out a 1937 British mystery I had never ever heard of. It’s fallen into the public domain, but the print I saw was pretty decent for being in that condition, and I had an overall good experience with the film.

Some of the story was a little hard to follow in the beginning, as it seems like it’s going to be some kind of relationship/marriage drama between French banker’s daughter Ranie Racine (Annabelle) and her beau, the Baron Philippe de Beaufort (Paul Lukas), but then quickly some kind of banking fraud plot is introduced courtesy of Ranie’s father, and then he turns up dead, an apparent suicide, but Ranie is convinced that it’s murder and heads out on her own to uncover the fraud ring behind it. Soon she’s joined by dashing David Niven and American detective Romney Brent (who also cowrote the screenplay).


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