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Featured Video: Jeepers Creepers (1939)

I’ve been devoting October to horror again this year, but my favorite experience of the month so far has been the Cartoon Spooktacular that Jerry Beck programmed for the Cinefamily. Obviously, most cartoons are not really scary, but these ghost-and-monster themed shorts were a delight to see on the big screen. I can’t reproduce that here, but I thought I’d spend the rest of this week sharing some of my favorites. (I wrote up the whole program on Row Three.)

This Looney Tunes short has Porky in the lead role (as he usually was in the 1930s, before Bugs and Daffy took over), as a skittish policeman investigating a report of strange noises – which turn out to be from a gleefully prankish ghost. This version has been colorized, and the controversial racist ending eliminated, but Beck showed the whole thing in original B&W.