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On Row Three: Milla, Hitch, and Aperture Science

It’s been a busy week or so over at Row Three. We’re trying to get some weekly columns in place, including three I posted in over the past ten days. Rank ‘Em does just what it says, takes an actor or director and ranks them in order of the author’s preference. It often ends up in some surprises, like when I did Milla Jovovich last week and put the much-loved Dazed and Confused almost at the bottom of my list. What can I say, I don’t care for it very much. I ended up with twelve Milla films altogether that I’d seen, including all the Resident Evil films as well as tonier fare like The Claim and Stone.

The Finite Focus series highlights a particular scene, including a clip of it if at all possible and discussing it, sometimes with quite in-depth analysis, other times just to gush about how much we love it. This series has been in place sporadically since long before I joined Row Three, and it’s always one I love. Hopefully setting it every week will encourage me to write more things for it. Goodness knows I have enough scenes I love! This week I chose to do one that’s been on my mind for quite a while – the brief but powerful dinner scene in Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt, when Joseph Cotten reveals his true inhumanity.

And we’re finally calling the demise of our sister site MorePop, which hasn’t really been active for several months/years, even. But, phoenix-like, MorePop arises as a column on the Row Three main site, where we can talk about pop culture things NOT film-related. The first of those went live this week, as I talk about Portal 2, the game that has eaten my life for the past three weeks. Hopefully lots more awesome stuff to come from all of us in these columns, and that’s not even all we have in store!