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TV: Reality Bites #1

Survivor 19×01 – 19×03

OMG, I still hate Russell. I’m kind of bored with this season, actually. I don’t really like anyone (the two people I did find interesting they already voted out, but that piqued interest could just be the editing). It’s more like degrees of dislike/apathy. And yet, anyone wanna take bets that I’ll stop watching? Yeah, I didn’t think so. :/ At least I am glad Jaison got his way third time around. But Russell voted with them, so did Russell go along with them, or was that his plan all along? I feel like the answer to that was in the episode and I didn’t pay attention. Probably because I’ve started tuning out whenever Russell’s on screen.

Shambo actually played that tribe visit pretty well – if she can manage to hang on in her tribe until merge, she’s in a good position with the other tribe.

The Amazing Race 15×01: Premiere (spoilers)

(haven’t watched the second ep yet)

There are some HOT GUYS this year. That’s refreshing after the complete lack of hot guys last year. Also, I really hope they don’t give the Christian teams a bad edit. Or you know, that the Christian teams don’t turn out to be douchebags (anyone watch Treasure Hunters that one summer and remembers the pastor and his family who turned out to be the most devious, underhanded team in the game?).

Tokyo – I’m getting more and more ready to visit Tokyo, somehow. I’ve never been particularly hot on visiting Asia at all, but Tokyo just looks totally awesomely insane. Vietnam – Wow, did they hit monsoon season, or is it always that wet there? I would die. I hate wet. *loves on SoCal*

So far, so good – I haven’t completely picked favorites yet, but the opener had enough stuff in it (immediate elimination, non-elimination, WTF Japanese game shows) that I was entertained. We’ll see if the formula starts wearing thin, though, the way it kinda did last year.

So You Think You Can Dance 5×01-5×05: Auditions

Does it seem like to anyone else that the auditions are going on longer than usual? Is it just because they’re stretching them out over more weeks than they do in the summer? Feels like they’ve been auditioning forEVER. I really hope that all the things I love about the show don’t get destroyed by it becoming a fall show. I don’t really think that’ll happen because, I mean, we still have Cat and judges who care and good choreographers and dancers and all. But they’re pacing and editing it more like Idol, and that’s bothering me just a tad. DON’T RUIN MY SHOW.

Not a lot more to say until the competition starts.