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Challenge Week 14: Something New

Sorry for the delay on this one – combination of Netflix, library, and my own procrastination made acquiring the film take longer than I expected. I am caught up on watching films, but will likely do short writeups of the latest three to catch up.

Right upfront, I want to point out that post-studio era romantic comedies kind of have a tough time with me – I don’t often outright dislike them, but they also rarely reach favorite status, and like most, this one falls kind of in the middle for me. That said, this has a lot of serious stuff going on as well, and while I don’t know that all of it was handled perfectly, it certainly has more to offer than most standard rom-coms.

The story involves Kenya, an investment banker nearing the top of her career (about to be made partner) but struggling in her personal life, largely because she’s working 90% of the time to be taken seriously in her job, especially by nervous rich white guys who aren’t sure about entrusting their accounts to her. When a coworker sets her up on a blind date with a white guy, she’s less than enthused, but ends up involved with him anyway, to the consternation of her family.


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