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Featured Video: Sand Animation by Ukranian Kseniya Simonova

Thanks to Marina and Andrew over at Row Three for finding this video, from the TV competition Ukraine’s Got Talent. Once in a while something truly brilliant comes to light from these shows, and Kseniya Simonova’s incredible sand-painting certainly qualifies. Simonova uses sand, light, and music to convey stories from Ukraine’s history – constantly shifting the images from one thing into another as she goes along. Marina pointed out that we’re seeing it “created and destroyed with every movement,” and that, I think, is a huge part of what makes it so amazing – we’re witnessing both the creative and destructive nature of art played out before our eyes, and each creation requires the destruction of the previous to exist. And yet, many times the destruction isn’t entire; rather, it’s a morphing from one thing to another – some things changing due to the changed context rather than in their own essence. Even without being intimately familiar with the Ukrainian history portrayed, this video moved me to tears. Another short is in two parts on YouTube, here and here.

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