Elsewhere: Top Ten Detective Films

I LOVE detective films of pretty much all flavors, but noir/neo-noir are my favorites, so when I was casting about for something to write about this week and noticed it was Dashiell Hammett’s birthday a few days ago I immediately checked Flickchart’s list of Best Detective Films, and was excited to discover that almost the whole top ten are Hammett/Chandler films or inspired by them. It didn’t hurt that I had seen and liked all of them! I had a great time writing this one up!

Elsewhere: Billy Wilder and More Billy Wilder

A couple of elsewheres this time, but both are about Billy Wilder. You can expect a lot of that, since I’ve been researching him and his films extensively and I want to get as much content out of that as I can. :)

Over at the Flickchart blog, I wrote a career overview and Top Ten, using Flickchart’s global Top Ten rather than my own.

And over at Row Three, I resurrected the “Finite Focus” feature to highlight a scene from The Apartment.

Check them out!