Watch This: First and Final Frames

I kind of wish the titles of the films were included on the video, since I could only recognize about half of them right off (the titles are in the description with timestamps), but then again, the beauty and symmetry of these shots mixed with the music is so perfect that I’m also kind of glad the picture is unmarred by data. It’s fascinating to see how sometimes the images mirror each other, sometimes they differ greatly, but always there’s a relationship implied. I wasn’t following this guy Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo, but you bet I am now.

Watch This: Sleater-Kinney Meets Bob’s Burgers

So the music video for the latest Sleater-Kinney song “A New Wave” (off their recently released album No Cities to Love, their first album in ten years) is set in Tina’s room from Bob’s Burgers. I wouldn’t consider myself a mega Sleater-Kinney fan or anything, but I do like them and have been glad to hear new music from them. Plus Jonathan and I have been enjoying getting into Bob’s Burgers recently, so this was a fun surprise to see in my feed this morning!

Watch This: Three Reasons for The Palm Beach Story

Preston Sturges’ The Palm Beach Story just came out on Criterion, and I desire it muchly. It tends not to be as well-loved as some of Sturges’ other films (and sure, I rank it below Sullivan’s Travels and The Lady Eve), but I still have great love for it, and Criterion’s short Three Reasons video gets at its endearing zaniness – I’m curious if anyone who hasn’t seen the film can even figure out what’s going on from these clips!

EDIT: And then read this fantastic essay on the film by Stephanie Zacharek.