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Trailer Watch – Opening March 30

Meant to post this Thursday. Forgot. That’s what I get for writing it early and leaving it in draft status…ah well.

This week’s trailers. My pick for one I’d go see: The Lookout. My pick for top box office of this group: Blades of Glory. The art film of the week is Denmark’s After the Wedding, which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, but it’s only in New York and LA. I looked up the theatre listings for New York the other day just for kicks, and almost packed up my belongings to move there that instant. But then I reminded myself that by the time I paid the rent, I wouldn’t be able to afford the movie tickets. Or the parking. Or the cab fare. Or food. So I decided to wait for more opportune circumstances to avail myself of the incredible New York filmgoing scene.

Trailers and commentary after the jump.

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