If there’s anything I love more than reading itself, it’s making lists of books to read. No, seriously, I sometimes think I like making the lists more than the actual reading. It’s a fault. Here are some I added in January.

Where do I find new books to add to my TBR, you may ask. Well, I troll BookRiot, Literary Hub, and Modern Mrs Darcy for a lists of new-release fiction and general non-fiction, as well as themed lists. I also get lots of older book recommendations from the Literary Life podcast and Discord, and from various other posts. Basically, my eyes and ears are always open and I add anything and everything that sounds interesting to me. Most of these books I doubt I’ll ever get around to reading. But keeping an expansive to-read list both pleases me in and of itself and allows me to choose my next reads with some amount of whim from a pre-curated selection.

First a special mention, as this is the only book I’ve become aware of in the past few days that I ordered immediately:

Thanks to this post from Alan Jacobs, which he posted in response to the recent David Brooks article about whether art makes us better people.