When I did the little preview post for this challenge with how much I was looking forward to various films, I listed this under “I’m Terrified” – not really so much because I knew it was supposed to be one of the worst movies ever made (I have a soft spot for so-bad-they’re-good movies), but because for some reason I thought it was like extra violent/gory/gross or something. I don’t know why I had that in my head, because it isn’t at all. It’s pretty tame, really, in that department.

So back to having a soft spot for so-bad-they’re-good movies. If you’re that type of person, THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING. It’s clearly supposed to be a sort of remake/homage to The Birds, but the incompetence, oh my. It makes the fake-looking rear projection shots in The Birds look like masterful special effects. It makes ‘Tippi’ Hedren seem like the greatest actress the screen has ever seen. (Before it seems like I’m bagging on The Birds, that movie is in my Top 100 – those are some things people complain about in it, but I do not complain about them.)

We start off following Rod, a Silicon Valley salesman. He sees Natalie at a diner and awkwardly picks her up (just assume that every verb I’m going to use in this whole post is modified by “awkwardly”, because everything in this movie is sublimely awkward). They go on some dates, his company is bought out by a bigger one, he starts a green energy company, etc. Oh, yes, the environment is a big part of this, so if you’re annoyed that The Birds didn’t give its birds a motivation, Birdemic fixes that.