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July 2007 Reading/Watching Recap

In an effort to get caught up on these recap posts, I did shorter write-ups on some of the films I didn’t care about as much (and I’m going to do the same thing for August, hoping to get it out by, you know, the end of September so I can, you know, do September’s). I intended there to be more shorter ones, but it turned out, I cared about a lot of the films this month. Ah well. If I give a quickie reaction to something you’d like to hear more about, let me know and I’ll do a more detailed writeup on it later. I doubt most people read all these anyway. Not that that’s why I write them; I write them so in ten years I can look back and see how stupid my reactions to thing were when I first saw them. ;)

After the jump, reactions to Happy Feet, Orlando (book and film), Vivre sa vie, The Fountain, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Three Colours Trilogy, Winter Light, Renaissance, Little Children, Sophie’s World, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and more.

Harry Potter 5 Trailer!

Yay! It looks really, really good. Also really, really dark. But then, I remember reading Order of the Phoenix and thinking, wow, this is really getting dark. So there you go. The boys cut their hair, which is a very good thing. And Hermione embracing her rule-breaking side! Awesome. I *heart* Hermione. And Imelda Staunton is going to be great as Dolores Umbridge.

Harry Potter casting

I hope Emma Watson doesn’t leave the Harry Potter films! I understand if she wants to consider other options than acting, and I understand that she may be reluctant to commit four more years of her life to the Potter films, but…for the sake of the films, I hope she decides to stay. It’s interesting that she’s reconsidering acting as a career, while both Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint seem to be trying to stick with acting (they both have indie films out, as well…Emma doesn’t). Reason being, she’s a much better actor than either of them, IMHO. If she wanted it, she could easily have a future acting career. And I want to see every bit of it!

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